I ended up with a sugar daddy


    Hello my dear readers, after so long without telling you my experiences, I am encouraged to tell you something that happened to me a long time ago.

    I want to start by thanking everyone who has taken the time to write me via email, I must say that some messages I receive provoke me and lead me to imagine very rich things lol. Without hesitation I will continue to respond to each email that arrives since you motivate me to continue writing and to be able to give you a moment of pleasure.

    Entering the subject I must say that this happened a few months ago, I had learned to cope with my classes at the university, so I had a couple of free hours at the end of the day and nothing better to take advantage of the time than to look for a job in which I could get an extra income for my personal tastes hehe.

    I started my job search and came across a vacancy in an office that was looking for an assistant, the salary was attractive, but there was something that intrigued me, in the job description it said: "taste for personal treatment and good looks."

    I sent my resume and a few hours later they responded with an email scheduling an appointment for the next day and a couple of instructions on how I should be dressed. In case you were wondering, they asked me to wear a skirt, I assumed it was normal since it was a formal job.

    Those who have followed my stories know that I like to be extremely flirtatious, so I decided to go very sensual, but without actually looking so vulgar, I wore a fitted dress and some high-top sneakers that served to show my figure. more attractive, under the dress I wore a red lace thong and a bra of the same color that made my tits look more sensual.

    In the area where I had to pass in order to get to the interview, there was a taxi base and a minibus base, so when I passed near there the men would whistle me and say morbid things to me, and I don't blame them from profile and sight from behind my ass looked extremely rich since the fabric of the dress made my buttocks look very sexy.

    I would have loved to warm those guys up even more, since there were a couple of drivers who, while I was passing in front of them, were touching their cocks above their pants, that action turned me on too much, for a moment I imagined myself on top of the minibus kneeling while I sucked him the cock to that man , unfortunately I only remain in my imagination hehe, since I had to get to the interview.

    When I got to the interview I realized that it was a house adapted as an office. The one who was the assistant at that time came out, it struck me that she was a young woman, very pretty and with a very very sensual body, but she was pregnant.

    We talked a little while we were walking to the boss's office, when we arrived he received me in his office and gave me the main characteristics of the position, I must say that he was a young man not very handsome, but he was attractive.

    In reality, the requirements were to be his companion, that is, to be with him when he had meetings with other people, so there would be days when I would not be required in the office only when he called me I would have to go. I thought that was very good because it wouldn't take me too far from school.

    So I immediately accepted the offer, I knew that this type of accompaniment is usually accompanied by sex, which I had no problem, as long as we understood each other well.

    We shook hands as a sign of having closed the deal and he told me that the only condition was that when required I would have to go as sensual as possible, that he would take care of giving me money to buy new clothes, shoes and everything else I will need so I can look my best for him.

    After we had both agreed on everything, he called his assistant to show me the facilities.

    She gave me a tour of the house and I discovered that there was a jacuzzi inside, when we saw it she told me that one of my functions would be to prepare it when the boss felt stressed, while she was saying this I saw her bend over to pick up something from the floor, for me surprise I realized that what she picked up was a thong.

    So I asked her if it was hers, to which she answered yes, that regularly and as soon as the boss had more confidence in me, he asked me for sexual favors in exchange for indulging me in whatever I wanted. I began to suspect that her pregnancy was due to those sexual favors she had told me about, but don't dare to ask that.

    Honestly there had always been a tickle in my crotch from eating with a boss, so I was willing to do anything with him, and the fact that he was nice helped even more.

    That was the only thing that happened that afternoon, the next day I showed up again as the boss asked me to accompany him to a meal he had with some clients, obviously as a good girl I said yes.

    When we got to the office, the first thing she told me was that we should go shopping because she wanted me to look more sensual in that meeting, so we went to a square that was somewhat close to the offices. The first place we went to was an underwear store, where he was in charge of choosing a very nice outfit, but also very tiny.

    Then we went to a store where I bought a shorter skirt than the one I was wearing at the time and a blouse with a somewhat generous neckline.

    It is not to show off, but according to several men my breasts are somewhat large. 

    While we were in those stores, the friction between our bodies was not lacking, when we saw the clothes he would stand behind me putting his package right between my buttocks and taking me by the waist, in some moments he would touch my ear with his mouth making my vagina As he began to lubricate, I felt his cock growing, so when he approached me I did my best to steer myself so that he would feel more pressure and excite him even more.

    By this point I was already starting to get wet, feeling exposed to the stares of the people around us made it even more horny.

    We left the plaza and he asked me to get dressed in the back seats of the car, by that time we already knew that at some point we would end up fucking somewhere and given the attention he gave me he knew that I should behave very well with him.

    like a good little whore I obeyed and got into the car, while I undressed he did not lose any detail of what was happening in the back seat, he adjusted his mirror to see me while I was putting on the clothes he had bought for me

    I, taking out my slutty side, only smiled sensually so that he could see that I also enjoyed it, after taking off the thong I was wearing, I put it in his jacket at the same time that I gave him a kiss very close to his wise men, after that kiss I put my hand on his package and began to move my hand up and down, in the same way that I want to touch the dick of the conductors that I had encountered before.

    He, took the thong from where he had put it and held it to his nose to breathe in my fragrance, while I returned to the back seats I decided to spread my legs, suck my fingers a little and masturbate a little so that he could enjoy watching from his mirror, I spent a few minutes playing feeling how my fingers played with my clitoris causing me to moan.

    I did not want that to end like this, so I turned around to put on the new thong, while I was leaning my entire ass between the front seats of the car, he did not miss that opportunity and reached to put his fingers in my vagina. It was something that I did not expect, so I could not help moaning and moving my ass so that his fingers would slide richer inside me.

    Even with my liquid dripping between my legs because of how excited I was, I finished dressing and then moved to the passenger seat …….

    Until here I will leave this first part, I hope I have not bored you, soon I will upload the continuation

    Thanks for reading me.


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  • My wife likes webcam

    My wife María, 34 years old, is a total winner… She measures 175 cm., Perfectly toned body, weighs 60 kilos, with good tits, nice legs, upturned ass and a trimmed blonde hair that outlines a super pretty face… She likes she loves having sex through any of her three holes.

    But while this is all great, she is also a very passive person sexually speaking… She rarely takes the initiative in sex… She dresses very conservatively, always worried that she is showing too much… And yet, throughout the Eight years of marriage, she does not share my opinion that sex is for the privacy of the people involved ... She keeps saying that sex should be as open as possible.

    I have a job that requires me to be out of town every Wednesday and Thursday ... A few months ago, when I got home I found her at the door, waiting for me, with a transparency, thong and platform heels ... She pulled my pants down and she put my cock in her mouth before I could put my bags down… Maria had never done something like that to me before… That night, she took the initiative and we fucked for hours and hours… Her aggressiveness turned me on so much that I managed to cum five times 

    I began to notice that she was more horny than usual and she was waiting for me when I came home dressed in very erotic lingerie ... After a few weeks, I started to get curious about this sudden change ... Why was she suddenly acting like this? ... I immediately started to suspecting a possible romance, but I also realized that a romance would probably not increase the amount of sex he was having with me, quite the opposite.

    I tried to look at the history of our computer, but my wife was smart enough to know how to erase everything she had done and did not find anything ... I also thought about putting a video camera in the bedroom to spy on her, but that would be impossible to hide and I rejected the idea.

    Finally, I decided to install a "parental control" spyware that would send me the addresses of the sites I would go to and access to whatever username and password I used ... I installed the program the night before I left town in that we live.

    The next day I went to my usual work at the company, although my mind was on what María could be doing ... That night I returned to the hotel and connected, from the company computer, to my email to see what had happened , but I found out that she hadn't been with the computer all day.

    I thought about going out to dinner, but wanted to be here for any internet traffic so I ordered room service and waited… 'What was she doing? '… I couldn't think of anything that could explain his sudden change in behavior… An adventure was possible, but it didn't make sense either.

    Around 10 p.m. an email popped up on my screen ... She had uploaded a web page ... I quickly wrote it down and went to see ... It was a Voyeur porn site ... Porn? I thought ... Is that what it does? ... Again, no it made sense… we had watched pornography together and even looked for it together on the internet… She liked it, but he never made her aggressive in bed before.

    I was trying to follow in her footsteps, but the site was preventing me from moving forward, since she was already logged in ... I decided to create my own account and try to follow her, just to see what she was doing on that site ... Since I knew her username, I used search for site members.

    Maria was listed as “Leona” as the username… I clicked on it and almost fell out of my chair when the next screen opened… My wife was sitting at the computer, on our webcam, looking at the screen and typing something… She was wearing a see-through pink bra with her stiff nipples, a tiny pink thong, and thigh-high stockings with platform heels.

    I looked at the username screen and noticed that she was entertaining about 35 men telling her how much they liked her boobs, her body and what they would do with her if given the chance… And my wife was encouraging them… She was telling them by the speakers how much you would like to have their cocks in your mouth, pussy and ass.

    Hearing her voice made my cock instantly hard… After a bit of conversation with the 35 people watching, Maria told them it was time to present her show.

    She got up from the chair and walked towards the stereo ... As she did so, she showed everyone her perfect round ass, as the pink thong did little to cover anything ... She leaned over to turn it on and hit everyone who was watching another great view of her ass.

    For the next ten minutes my wife gave all the viewers, now the number was 75, one of the best strip shows I have ever seen.

    First she took off her bra and then her thong… Meanwhile, she danced as seductively as any stripper I had ever seen… I had to remind myself that I was seeing my wife and not a professional… Either way, I had taken off my pants and was stroking my cock, slowly.

    Once she undressed, she sat back on the couch and began to caress her body with her left hand, while her right hand began to massage her perfectly groomed pussy ... Not only was my wife giving these people, now 100, a strip show, but he was going to masturbate for them.

    He could hardly believe it… Just a few weeks ago, I couldn't convince him to put on a tiny bikini to go to the club pool… And yet now he was doing one of the most private things anyone does, which is masturbating.

    Surprising me more, after a few minutes of manually pleasuring herself, Maria pulled out a long, slim vibrator and started fucking with it ... She was moaning very loudly and speaking into the camera for those who were watching her as she began to feel her first orgasm shaking her body.

    Once she recovered from her first orgasm, she moved the vibrator to her ass and began to insert it into her anus… While doing this, Maria told everyone how much she liked to shove it up her ass and that getting fucked in the ass would leads to orgasm as fast as being fucked in her pussy.

    Not only did she say that, but she then demonstrated it for her audience and it wasn't long before her body started rocking violently as another orgasm frantically rocked her.

    Once she had recovered from her second orgasm, she sat up again… She began to remove her heels and stockings… Once she was done, she put on a pair of tight shorts before returning to the chair to resume chatting with her 'fans'… She adjusted the camera to show her face and breasts, but not much else.

    When she started chatting, I got up from my chair and had to go to the bathroom to relieve the increasing pressure on my balls ... When I returned, I discovered that she was flirting and joking with those who had stayed, about 15 men, not knowing their ages.

    I decided to get involved and started writing some questions ... Of course, she had no idea that it was her husband who was asking her ... I told her that if she had ever thought about doing a show with a man ... She had always fantasized about seeing my wife fuck another cock.

    She replied that she did not know if her husband would want to perform on camera and that he did not know that she was doing this.

    I smiled as I wrote to clarify that I was not talking about watching her fuck her husband… The plan worked when the other guys began to pressure her to get fucked on their next show, preferably by one of them who volunteered to fuck her.

    Little by little, we started to pressure her with this and she finally admitted that it would be fun to do a show with someone else ... She even admitted that she knew one who she had always wanted to fuck and who liked voyeurism ... When the other guys pressured her to do it Whatever happened next week, he just told them they'd have to tune in next week to see what happened.

    Following this, she stood up, pushed her shorts aside and gave everyone a final glimpse of her pussy… After that, she logged out.

    My mind started racing… I had to get her to do it, but I couldn't say that I knew about her secret… My cock was hard again… When I went back to the bathroom, I knew this next week would be long and I would have to finish next Wednesday when another man fucked her for the whole world to see.

    Over the course of the week the sex was amazing with my wife… She was anxious and wet the whole time… Seeing her perform last Wednesday and possibly watching her fuck a guy next time kept me horny most of the time.

    I was careful not to make any mention of anything I knew about her voyeurism and waited to see if she was going to say something to me… However, she didn't say anything at all.

    I started to wonder if she was already fucking another guy… I also wondered what she would think if she knew that it was actually her husband who suggested and anonymously encouraged her during one of his “shows” that she fuck another man.

    When I kissed him goodbye on Wednesday to get out of town, my mind ran into all the possibilities as to what I would see tonight when I turned on my computer at 10 p.m.

    Maria didn't say anything, nor did she take any action that would lead me to guess what she had in mind to do tonight ... She also had no idea that I had discovered her little secret.

    I made sure to be back in the hotel room at 9pm… I hooked up my laptop to the hotel's high-speed line, checked into the voyeur cam site, and waited for my wife to connect.

    Exactly at 10 p.m., it appeared online ... I was naked sitting in front of the screen ... My cock was already hard, just like it had been most of the day ... I had just taken a shower and shaved my balls and the area around them… I tried not to pet myself, because I didn't want to come before or during their show… However, this was starting to be a difficult task.

    Although she had gone online, she was not there yet ... She had created a slide show ... In the first ones she wore a blue and green V-neck T-shirt, jean skirt and sandals ... Then she appeared standing in a short skirt very above her knee and a top that exposed her belly.

    Two slides later, she was wearing a bra and thong with floral motifs, the same one she had bought last Valentine's Day… Six slides later, she was only wearing heels.

    I could no longer stop stroking my throbbing cock while the slideshow continued to show my wife naked, on all fours on the floor, exposing her pussy… The slideshow ended with some photos of her pussy and anus.

    Obviously, these photos had been taken today, after I left, because I noticed a magazine on the coffee table that was there this morning.

    After the final photo, a note flashed on the screen saying that she would be live in a few minutes and the slideshow restarted again ... The slideshow was repeated twice before stopping and my wife appeared sitting in a chair in the same outfit from the slideshow.

    - “Hello everyone… Thank you for coming back again this week… I see that I have an audience of almost 150 people at this moment… Well, I know that you are expecting a big surprise… At the end of the program last week, several of you They said they wanted to see me get fucked and by someone other than my husband… I have thought about it a lot throughout this week as I have always been faithful to my husband, but every time I thought about having a new cock inside my pussy, I It got really fucking hot, "he said with a big smile on his face ... And he continued speaking:

    “So, I thought: why the hell don't I do it?… Once I decided to do it, I knew who I wanted to do it with… There is a boy in the gym named Miguel… He and I have been flirting every time we have both met… He has 20 years old, about 190 cm tall and a body that any girl would want to have to enjoy with him. "

    I, I met this boy from the gym ... I had realized that he and Maria always talked to each other and that they both looked at each other's body when the other was not looking ... In fact, I came to wonder what it would be like to see them fuck both of them.

    My wife continued explaining to her followers, her little speech:

    - “Yesterday I gathered enough courage to ask him if he wanted to fuck me tonight in front of a camera… He agreed as soon as I told him… He is upstairs right now, waiting for me… He brought his laptop and I installed a digital video camera to transmit the show from the bedroom… So I'm going to the bedroom and will be back online in a few seconds. ”

    The screen went blank… My cock was growing again while I was waiting to see my wife fuck this young Adonis… About a minute later the screen came back on… My wife was sitting naked next to the young man who was also completely naked .

    - "I want to introduce you all to Miguel ... Isn't he gorgeous? ... I just saw that he's quite well endowed ... He's almost stiff and he's already approximately 20 cm ... Get up, Miguel, and let everyone see you," he said passing his hands on his well defined chest and abs.

    Miguel stood up and showed everyone how well endowed he was… My wife grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly.

    - "And look, he has shaved it all for me tonight," she said, surprising me with her enthusiasm for a fully shaved cock.

    - "This big cock is going to feel very good inside my pussy, but before I start, I need to know where Miguel should deposit his load of semen when he is ready to come ... Where do you want?"

    The responses from those who were looking at my wife came instantly ... Face, tits, cunt, were the responses ... After a minute, the responses to cum on her face seemed to be an overwhelming majority and many of them suggested that when the cum was on her face, she scooped it up and swallowed it.

    Miguel sat back on the bed while my wife got up to check the answers on the other computer somewhere in our bedroom that the machine was not picking up.

    - "Well, it seems that you all want to see him cum on my face ... Miguel, is that okay?", Said Maria, returning to the bed next to him.

    The young man nodded after Maria asked him if he was ready.

    I realized that they were both a bit nervous when they moved towards each other to kiss ... There the lips met awkwardly as Miguel put, somewhat nervous, his left hand on my wife's arm and his right hand on her knee .

    After a few kisses, their tongues began to activate and dance with the other's tongue… They had already gotten over their nerves from the first moment and they acted with increasing passion.

    Miguel's hand moved down from his shoulder and rested on his stomach, while Maria's hand found a resting position on his inner thigh ... He couldn't tell who took the initiative, because the camera was fixed already about 3 m . away, but one of them pushed the other back, lying next to each other.

    It soon became clear that Miguel was taking the initiative… He placed his left leg over Maria's right leg and kissed her hard while his left hand caressed her tits, stomach and hips… Her submission allowed this young Adonis have your way completely open.

    Maria's body shook when Miguel's hand made its first contact with her groin… And he stayed there, apparently massaging the lips of her pussy, while he broke the kiss and began to pay attention to her tits… I heard my wife moan as he indulged her.

    After a few minutes of this, Miguel turned on his back and pulled my wife towards him ... His hand went immediately to his cock and his mouth to his chest ... Not happy with the kiss on the chest that he was giving my wife, I noticed that his left hand gently pushed my wife's head towards his stomach and his cock, while his other hand gently stroked her perfect ass.

    Maria did not resist and began to give him small kisses on his cock before she began to swing on it ... The angle of the camera did not give the viewers a very good image of this, but the movements of the head of my wife They left little to the imagination as to what he was doing… However, the camera did give us a good image of Miguel sticking his middle finger in my wife's pussy.

    When I realized that I was watching my wife suck another man's cock without my permission, I felt a huge surge of desire on my cock ... I was not jealous in the least ... In fact, the opposite was happening ... I felt more attracted to my wife and wanting to be there working with the camera for them… It was all I could do to avoid a too fast run… I didn't want to miss a thing.

    After a short time, Miguel pulled my wife's ass and placed it on him in a 69 position ... Once he achieved this position, the camera gave a great image of my wife sucking his cock ... She alternated between her deep throat and his jerk with the saliva he left on his cock… I couldn't tell what he was doing, but Maria seemed to love it as her hips were turning up and down to whatever Miguel was doing to her.

    Once again, the fact that the camera was fixed deprived all of us of the opportunity to see what Miguel was doing to her pussy and I would have liked to also see some close-ups of Maria working Miguel's cock.

    Besides, she was giving it her all, because I had never seen her suck a cock with such enthusiasm and another man ... My wife exerted incredible control, because her mouth and hands worked with amazing speed and coordination.

    This lasted about five minutes ... Then, Miguel took the initiative and took it from Maria ... He placed her on all fours and towards the head of the bed, at an angle slightly away from the camera ... He stood behind her and inserted his cock in her pussy.

    - "Oh my God ... Yesiiii ... What a dick you have ... You feel very good in my pussy ... Fuck me ... Now ... Give me strong", I heard my wife scream.

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing as I listened to my shy and conservative wife tell this young man and the entire Internet audience that now numbered 280 people, how much she liked his cock to fuck her pussy.

    In a matter of a minute we all watched as Miguel pushed his cock against my wife as hard and fast as he could possibly move his hips ... His hands were on Maria's hips and they were pulling her towards him as he pushed forward ... If someone was driving the camera, a close-up would have been enough for all of us to see how well he was fucking her.

    I don't know if they had planned the next move or not ... Miguel took her and grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her upper body so that her hands couldn't reach the bed, giving her a better angle to put his cock deeper into her pussy… This was a move that I knew my wife liked a lot, because I had been able to bring her to many orgasms by doing this to her.

    - “Ooooh…. Aaaaah ... "You're going to make me come ... Aaaah ... Make me come ... Make me come hard ... Uuuuck ... Aaaaah ... I come," my wife moaned when Miguel took full control over her body.

    Her voice trailed off as her body began to convulse because she was having an orgasm… Her head jerked violently and we all heard my wife scream louder than I had ever heard her… She was having a great cum shot.

    Once my wife came, her body loosened ... When he released her shoulders, her body fell onto the bed like a sack of potatoes ... And when Miguel withdrew his cock from her, there didn't seem to be an ounce of life in his body ... She looked exhausted.

    However, Miguel hadn't finished yet… He was still strong and eager to finish the work he needed to do… He rolled my wife's limp body onto her back, spread her legs and thrust his cock into her missionary position.

    As if the rest of what I had seen had not warmed me, which is not true, this was the best of all ... I have no idea why, but when I watch pornography, what I like to see the most is the woman in the missionary position ... Now I saw my wife on my computer screen being fucked by this young stud in that position and I get extremely excited.

    This time everything started slowly ... Then, Miguel started hitting my wife's pussy hard and it took Maria almost a minute to answer him.

    She had her legs spread and alternated between holding them as far back as possible and wrapping them around her waist ... Either way, he kept fucking her as fast as he could ... When he bent down to kiss her, we all saw that Maria would soon come back to cum again … Another orgasm was coming very soon… She couldn't bear to fuck and kiss at the same time without having an orgasm.

    - "I'm going to come again," she said aloud as she broke the kiss ... This time she didn't say much more, but the convulsions of her body and the fact that she wrapped her legs around Miguel's waist to control his lunges, he told me he was having another orgasm ... He had already come twice.

    His second orgasm must have been enough to push Miguel to the limit of stamina ... He withdrew from her, straddled his chest and began stroking his cock quickly ... As the camera was away from the action, no one could see him cum on his face, but the way his hips closed and the moan of his mouth indicated that he was dropping his load on my wife's face ... It was obvious that he was shooting five or six large jets of cum, from the movements we saw and the moans.

    After he dropped his load on her, Miguel got out of bed and stepped out of the camera's field of view… A few seconds later, the screen went dark with a message on it… It read:

    'Maria will be back shortly'

    After about 2 minutes, my wife was back on the screen, now in the office where our computer was located.

    The camera focused on the upper part of the body and the face, which was splattered with semen on the forehead, cheeks and chin ... It was a sight that I will never forget and never want to forget: a close-up image of my wife with the juices of another man everywhere… The only thing that could have made him better is if I had been there to add my own cum to his face.

    - "I look like a mess," said María when I noticed that her hair was bunched up in two places where Miguel had surpassed her face.

    The people who kept watching, now numbering around 85, started writing down how hot she looked with the cum on her face and how much they would have liked to be the person to do it to her.

    - "You are always very kind ... did you like to see Miguel how he screwed me? ... What did you think of how we did it," she asked.

    The responses were varied and there were many comments about what they would like to do to her, which made me proud in a wicked way.

    I decided to write to her and asked her if Miguel fucked her better than her husband… Immediately after sending her the question, I wondered how she would react to my answer, if she answered it.

    - "You ask me, how do I compare Miguel with my husband? ... Well, he was different from my husband ... Miguel's cock was longer than my husband's, but not as wide ... And my husband has never been able to give me two orgasms as intense as this young stud did tonight… He fucked me like I had never been fucked before, ”Maria replied.

    I was surprised by my reaction ... I was not bothered, nor was I jealous to hear my wife tell everyone how much better that Miguel fucked her better than me.

    My only thoughts were on how good it was to see my wife in action and how much I wanted to share this experience with her, which meant that I could also search and find other women to fuck with aside from my wife.

    I also decided to try to bring up the idea that I needed to find someone to handle the camera as a ploy that could lead to me being in the room while she was being fucked ... Others who were still online agreed with me that her performances would be more engaging if she could get someone else to show different angles and close-ups as she was being fucked.

    - “You ask me to have a boy film it while another fucks me… It is clear that this would provide better angles… And also, when the first boy cums, I could start filming with the camera, while the one who filmed me before, fucks me now … Would you like to see two men taking turns fucking me and filming it? ”My wife replied, pondering the idea.

    Responses were immediately yes to her question… Many of the responses contained an offer that they would be more than happy to help her with the camera problem.

    - "Well then, I have it clear ... Next week I will find someone to film me while Miguel fucks me ... That if Miguel wants to fuck me next week ... Oh, look, he's shaking his head up and down ... He's so fucking handsome and strong… I can't wait until next week… I'll work to get the second man asap, but I want all of you to tell a lot of people to see me next Wednesday… I want the audience to be even bigger than today.

    “The idea of ​​hundreds of people seeing me fuck two different guys is already getting my pussy wet… So you guys have some homework and so do I… So, until next week… Have lots of sex and stay hot… Now, I'm going to fuck Miguel again off camera… Good evening. "

    She blew a kiss at the screen and then logged off, leaving the screen blank.

    Next Wednesday I was going to be fucking Miguel with another man operating the camera… Would she ask me?… I wish she would tell me… She had already 'cheated' on me, but even though I knew it, she couldn't say ... I would have to wait for her to tell me everything ... And who knows if she would? ... If so, I would be with the camera in hand and then I would fuck her ... But what if she didn't tell me anything? ... than to console me seeing how two men fucked her ... There was no other solution.

    What will next week bring us? 

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